Error appears while opening htmlFormEntry.form

I am trying to embed HTML Form generated by HTML Form Entry Module . While trying to open htmlFormEntry.form page , the following error appears.

Would like to know the exact reason of the error and how to resolve it. Thank you

Check to see if the encounter type id referenced by the form exists in your database.

Hello @dkayiwa

I have checked the encounter_type table and there are 4 entries ADULTINITIAL, ADULTRETURN, PEDSINITIAL and PEDSRETURN

can I know the line number wherein the encounter type id referenced by the form is mentioned

Thank you

I read the error differently. The key part is:

org.hibernate.ObjectNotFoundException: No row with the given identifier exists: [org.openmrs.Form#2]

This could mean you’re trying to view an encounter for which encounter.form_id = 2, but there is nothing in your form table with form_id 2.

Or perhaps you’re trying to load form 2 in some other way, but regardless, the issue is that form 2 does not exist.

Hello @darius

Yes @dkayiwa also gave me the same explaination regarding the form not being present.

Thank you for letting me know the problem :slight_smile: