Error after including <properties> <openMRSBuildVersion>1.10.2</openMRSBuildVersion> </properties>

As i want to import the the DbSession and DbSessionFactory for the ticket i am working on,i add 1.10.2 in and it appears as this

And the importation is successful. But on building i get to this error , Any suggestion on the error? @dkayiwa @samuel34 @ruhanga

Can you also share the git link of the POM file your modifying?

its the first one i included above and then the next one contains the modifications

Add this attribute to all openmrs-core dependencies <version>${openMRSBuildVersion}</version>


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Try for troubleshooting, What happens if you change this dependency to.

  <version> 1.9.4 </version> 

That is if your sure the original openmrs version was 1.9.4

@herbert24 , what I can trace in the error log is a failing test due to an error probably caused by the changes in the dependency to the new version of OpenMRS. You may want to trace the error causing this failure from the this path

F:\openmrs modules\modules\openmrs-module-metadatadeploy\api\target\surefire-reports

for the class and specific test_method from which the error comes from just to be sure what’s causing the problem.