Error after executing “jetty:run”

@ssmusoke I have followed the Official Readme file of OpenMRS and trying to execute cd openmrs-core/webapp mvn jetty:run commands in my terminal .

Here are my screenshots ![Screenshot%20from%202019-03-16%2022-40-11|690x387](upload://xM6fu05MQJFMs5agKs2zkZuk6R2.png) 

How do I solve this ?

@vinay72 did you run " openmrs-core/webapp mvn jetty:run" at once ?It looks like your server did not create a file and hence server cannot start.

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Yes, I have run cd openmrs-core/webapp mvn jetty:run at once in my Terminal . To solve this , what would I do now?

can you separate the commands and give us results.

@vinay72 Looking at the first line in the terminal, I hope you ran a mvn clean install in the root folder before trying to run the jetty server?