Error accessing clinical module on Bahmni

I created a radiology form on bahmni, but Every time I try to access the patient dashboard or anything linked to the clinical module an error is generated with a dialog box which shows “Diagnosis Concept Set” And I can’t go any further, even after clicking “OK” on the error dialog box. Can anyone help out on this?

We might need more information to help you with. Which version of bahmni are you using ? How did you install bahmni ? Are you using default demo database packaged with Bahmni or are you using your custom database ?

If you are using demo database then the concept code “Diagnosis Concept Set” should be available unless you have changes in your database. Please provide login access. We will help you solve the issue.

Thank you so much @sravanthi17 for your replies. We have sorted the issue, and can now access the clinical module without any error.

Good to hear that you have solved the issue :slight_smile: . Could you please let us know the solution you approached. That might help others who might have faced similar issue.

Hi @sravanthi17 sorry my reply took this long. All we did was to restart the instance on the server, and that was it. I can’t really explain why it happened so, but that was what worked for us. Thanks again for your replies.

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