Error 404 : complexObsServlet not found

Hi , I am using Complex concept for uploading the image through html form.I used ImageHandler for complex concept.Image is uploade successfully but when I click on download option in edit and view mode system is throwing 404 error with message complexObsServlet not found.I already added legacyUI but still I am getting this error.Can someone help me how to resolve this issue?

Does this still happen even after restarting OpenMRS? What version of the OpenMRS platform are you running? What version of the legacyui and htmlformentry modules? Can you share a screenshot that has the download button or link?

After restarting server multiple time still I am getting same issue.I am using htmlformentry 3.9.2 , legacyUI 1.5.0 and openmrs version 2.0.6. Screenshot complex_concept_error

Are you able to reproduce it here?

I created a htmlform with name uploaddata.Same issue is raising on UAT server.

Can you create a ticket for it?

Sure and whom to tag in the ticket?

Just share the ticket url here.

Thanks. I have created ticket here

Can you test to see if you can reproduce it on this server?

I tested on .Now URL is redirecting to complexObsServlet but still there are some issue while clicking on download option.


Can you again reproduce it here such that i get your concept and html form definitions?

I created a concept “profileImage” , encounter type (historicalData) , html form (personalinformation) on .

@mukesh do you think you can raise a pull request to fix the remaining problem?

yes… @dkayiwa Can I assigned the ticket to myself?

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