Enhancement to user login locations feature


As part of the requirements of location based access implemented as part of the datafilter module, we want to enhance the feature that was implemented in RA-1516 to support multiple locations, currently it supports a single location. In theory, we want the user to select from only a predefined set of locations they have been granted access to, if there is only one, just default to that.

This would mean, we possibly need to have a plugin mechanism that lets other modules define a set of locations to pick from. The use case for this is that if a user is granted access to say only 4 locations, there is no point in including other locations they don’t have access in the set of locations to pick from.

We can introduce an interface and an implementing class will be registered as a spring bean, the ref app will provide a default implementation if none is specified which employs the current logic that uses locations defined by the user property that was added in RA-1516.

Other Ideas are welcome.



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@wyclif, I support your view point. We recently implemented a location based access and wanted a login user to be able to initiate transfer to other locations. I think having additional privilege for users could address access to multiple locations.