Enhance concept search from Observation forms

Hello, When searching for diagnosis, I’ve noticed you can actually start from any word from the diagnosis concept name and the system will be able to find all diagnosis that include the words you’ve typed into the search field, regardless of the ordering. diag_search

That is actually useful as users might not know the exact name of the diagnosis and they can pick from the search result.

Searching within the Obs Form is however different as you have to put exactly the search words as they are in the concept name. Otherwise, the search will return empty results concept_search

Can we improve the auto complete obs form field to work similar to how the diagnosis search field works? I think that will make it easier for users since they’ll not have to exactly know the name of the concept to find it. @gsluthra @angshuonline

@rubailly is this Forms 1 or Forms 2?

It’s Forms 1

Not sure what type of ordering of results is happening with the first search. BTW, even for the “includes” search at the start, the first result should have the search word first. So “Fracture” should appear first in the list long before age-related fracture of …

A related issue that was recently fixed. But the one you mentioned would still need to be investigated and improved upon.


@akhilmalhotra @gokul : Can you reproduce this and log an improvement accordingly? This may need to be checked in Forms1 and Forms2.

cc: @sivareddy - Any suggestions on this?

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@gsluthra , able to reproduce this in Forms 1 & Forms 2.

Diagnosis Page - The Search keyword is split using spaces and results are returned even if one of the keywords is matched in concept names. and the results are sorted based on ranking.

Observation page- The entire Search keyword is considered as a single string and searched against the concept name in both Forms 1 & Forms 2.

JIRA Ticket for enhancement - [BAH-2421] - Bahmni - JIRA


@gokul I tested the fix for Forms 1 and found it doesn’t work on autocomplete fields I guess, we’ll need to update this search method like you did for searchWithDefaultConcept autocompleteMultiselect

@gsluthra can we have a new ticket for that?

Go ahead and create a ticket here @rubailly