EncounterTransaction is nice! Any documentation?

Hi Bahmni team,

We’re just trying to use the Encounter Transaction web service for the first time at PIH, and it’s very nice! Though I took a few wrong steps in trying to use it at first.

Is there any documentation for it? (If you have any internal documentation, perhaps we can copy it over to the OpenMRS wiki?)

[ Mentioning people in the commit history who I can find talk usernames for: @vinay, @endeepak, @shruthidipali, @angshuonline ]

Hey Darius,

Unfortunately, we don’t have any documentation for it at the moment! The functionality is mostly similar to the OpenMRS APIs but with a slight flattened/coarse grained contract.

Please do feel free to ping us if you have any specific questions. It would be great to see this being used by another implementation. :smiley:


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