Encounters and Observations UI mockup

Hey Everyone,

To start off on Encounters and Observations OWA, we have come up with two different designs attached below and we invite you to have a look and share your thoughts and any preferred changes that we could add.


Encounters.pdf (58.5 KB) Observations.pdf (55.3 KB) hospital—Wireframe-cc-Premium (7).pdf (369.4 KB) https://wireframe.cc/pro/pp/d3a492049103122

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Did you get a chance to look at the latest changes on this ticket? https://issues.openmrs.org/browse/PDMO-1

Yes Daniel, but we already posted this before seeing the changes. We will update and revert, thank you.

@chibujax2 @niccie

Global - Can you add the ability to export filtered data to CSV and/or Excel or PDF? This will help get data out of OpenMRS

  1. Patients page
  • Will only the preferred identifier be shown?
  • Can you look into the ability to add person attributes to the list via a global property currently patient.listingAttributeTypes
  • Add ability to filter by Gender
  • Add ability to filter by Date of Birth
  1. Visits (no screenshot)
  • Show a list of encounter types that occurred during the visit
  • Show the start and end date for the visit
  1. Encounter
  • Manage Encounter should load the form in which the encounter was entered

Hello @ssmusoke,

Thanks for the feedback.

About the identifiers, we intend to display all including the identifier and the identifier type details at first and other fields can be displayed when editing.

We also intend to implement the visits and encounters features and we will look into how we can export data as per your suggestion.


@niccie If you can prioritize the data export then I can promise to provide more feedback as that is a pressing need at over 600 sites that our implementation is supporting…

You will then have an active customer driving your development and giving field based feedback for your work

@ssmusoke Data Export sounds like quite a bit of scope creep from what’s supposed to be administrative screens to manage and clean up data that can be used across all OpenMRS distributions! And, filtered data export sounds suspiciously like something that should go in the Cohort Builder tool…

It’s definitely useful, but maybe we should create a different ticket for it, and it’s certainly going to require a Java focus, rather than a JavaScript one.

@chibujax2, @niccie and update on this?

@darius For the data integrity module export, @shivtej added a plugin to data tables to achieve this so did not require any Java back end code and is purely a JS solution. I was hoping that having the export would provide an opportunity to accelerate usage of this OWA as we have an urgent need for something similar

@cecilia, @chibujax2, @niccie

any updated UI mockup? I see that work is going on on this project, and I’d love to be able to comment on the designs soon enough to make a difference!

Yes. We had a demo of the first sprint. The URL is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HbNieoHM3ck