Encountered a problem while importing repository using eclipse

j encountered a problem while j was importing repository into eclipse workspace. the Error occurred while installing items to be installed the bellow is the link on pastebin. any help will be appreciated An error occurred while collecting items to be installed shttps://pastebin.com/

Ohh am sorry this is the link to the error from pastebin https://pastebin.com/4QkhWRrx

@sharif did you import while connected to a secure internet connection ? You may not get the best results with intermittent connection or when offline.

j actually was connected on internet @tendomart but j guess the problem is in maven dependencies, did you try to read from pastebin link j posted

Yes , did you run "mvn clean install " after cloning your project ?

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Thanks @tendomart, j got the issue solved


thats great…however you can share what the solution was so as to help someone who may come across a similar challenge