encounter date_changed not updating when an obs within the encounter is updated

@dkayiwa We have a process that pulls all updates based on the encounter date_changed, date_created fields. For some reason, when an observation is added or changed within an encounter, the encounter date_changed field is not updated. Is this how it is supposed to work? Is there some configuration setting to turn this on? All of our backup replication processes key off of this field, so we really need that field updated if any part of the form is updated.

Is there any reason why you are not getting changes/updates in OpenMRS using the atom feed module?

we are using kettle transformations and only have access to the database.

The atom feeds are stored in the database. Would that help?


what table is this stored?

I am facing the same issue. how can this be solved?, we need this data in the date_change field for audit purposes. Any Help Please.

@ccwhite23 have you been successful in this?

Did you create a service for this? If you do attempt exploring adding an event handler with a couple of atom feed event configurations might trigger your updates

Do you any resource that you would want to point me to? Also, I just noticed why that date_changed is not updating, I am still testing I will give a comprehensive update by tomorrow when I am done.

@morrisng @ggomez @dkayiwa do you know any embedded process that will update the encounter information when part of the form is updated?

Am not aware of such. Though a module can use AOP or have a hibernate interceptor to do the same.