Encounter Data Privilege Restrictions on Patient Dashboard Visit tab

Is it possible to restrict the encounter data seen on the patient dashboard by privilege. If Not then I think Its necessary to develop it to enable data restriction basing on privileges a user has. @dkayiwa @darius @raff @ssmusoke @wyclif

How do you mean to limit things?

  • (a) privilege that decides whether or not to show all encounters
  • (b) privilege that decides whether to show encounters based on their encounter type
  • © per-encounter privileges

Thanks @darius for the response I mean limiting a user to see encounters basing on encounter type privileges. When a privilege is given for an encounter type say a view or edit one a user who has no such rights should not be able to have access to that encounter whose encounter type requires that privilege. Also the suggestion in (a) can pass

Indeed we did not implement this (view and edit privileges for encounter type) in the initial versions of the Reference Application, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it hasn’t been added yet since.

This should be a priority to fix. I suggest that you gather all the relevant information (which screens need to be changed; what’s the current behavior; what’s the expected behavior), and create a JIRA issue for addressing it.

@darius here is the JIRA issue created for this talk

@slubwama this is a great start. Could you further time the ticket to add “acceptance criteria” so that it’s very clear for any developer who picks it up (even a newbie) what to do?