Enabling editing of specimen Source in test orders, orders and possibly making orders auditable.

In Platform version 2.2.0 there was an introduction to the Fulfiller Status in the Orders. This also enabled the update of some fields such as “accession number”, “FullfullerStatus”, and “fullFillerComment”. This seemed to be a great idea since orders especially Lab orders (TestOrder) go through multiple stages toward fulfillment.

  1. Ordering for a test is done by a clinician for the Laboratory to fulfill.
  2. Upon arrival in Lab, Specimens are collected, and identified with numbers “accesssion_number” and the specimen type "specimens source ". This requires that status of the lab order change to “in progress”, and also set "accession number " and “specimen source” (not editable). Note: This test is ready resulting
  3. On resulting in a test, Observations are created and an order is attached to the observation to indicate which order is being fulfilled. also at this stage, the order fulfiller status is changed and probably the order is completed.

The ask is to have the specimen source under test order editable. and if possible make Orders Auditable as opposed to having to create a new order when you need to have such changes to them.

The Pain In UgandaEMR where we have a mini lab, we have to create a new order and reference it with the previous order whenever we have to make changes to the order. This creates more orders for simply one order.

@grace @burke @ibacher @dkayiwa @akanter @mogoodrich @wyclif I need your views.

Thanks @slubwama, making “specimen source” editable makes sense to me for the case when the specimen is not collected at order time. Assumedly we’d want to make “Laterality”, which seems related, editable as well.

And +1 to make orders auditable.

Take care, Mark