Enable and disable fields in configurations wipe previous data entry

Dear Community,

I have configured bahmni for enable and disable fields based on selected drop-down value.

this feature of enable/disable it works well but when i tried it in a below scenario it wipe all previous data entry.

I have a drop-down button with two values(surgical doctor and OR staff) on surgical form which has 4 sections. 3 section for surgical doctors and 1 for OR staff. When doctor select surgical doctor it enable 3 sections for doctors and disable all the field in section 4 for OR staff and doctor fills all enabled fields there in the 3 sections. Also when the OR staff select the OR staff drop-down it disable the 3 section for doctors and enable the 4th section for OR staff.

And thanks for this scenario it works like a charm.

The problem raise when a doctor has filled the form and saved the data on a patient for the 3 sections and after the OR staff want to add others information for the same patient in the 4th section for OR staff. They select in the drop-down OR staff, to enable the OR staff section and disable the 3 Surgical doctor sections. And the issue is it disable and clean all the data that was filled previously by the doctor and yet i want that to disable the fields filled by doctors so that OR staff shouldn’t be able to change the data filled by doctor and doctors also if they want to edit anything they should select doctor drop-down and the OR staff filled data remain there.

Kindly help if anything i can do so that the system allow doctor or OR staff to edit the form but the previous data filled by any of them be there but in read-only mode(the fields disabled).



Enable/Disable i.e form conditions feature is not apt for your use case. Instead, i would suggest you to use different forms for different users.[Once we get the ability of user specific forms only on Observation tab this would look better.]