EMRAPI 1.22 release scheduled tomorrow 2017-04-26

Module: EMRAPI


We are planning to release the 1.22 version of EMRAPI on 2017-04-26. Please let us know if there are any concerns.

Thank you.

No concerns from me. :slight_smile:

I released emrapi 1.22.0 yesterday.

…but then I discovered a problem so this morning I retracted this release by deleting the omod from modules.openmrs.org and mavenrepo.openmrs.org.

The problem is that this liquibase changeset requires a Bahmni-specific stored procedure. (And further, we shouldn’t be creating a specific concept in the emrapi module, or relying on a specific concept by name, but rather we need to use the metadata mapping module.)

@shashikanth can we remote pair on fixing this, so we can get a fixed 1.22.1 version released?

PS- In the process I accidentally deleted the emrapi-omod artifact for 1.21.0 also, but then I put it back. If you experience any problems related to this, let me know.

@shashikanth, never mind, the fix was easier than I thought. I have done it already and released 1.22.1, and I added a changeset into bahmni-core instead. Please confirm this still works for Bahmni.