EMR API: searching diagnosis not possible in user locale

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We noticed that the EMR API to search diagnosis (/emrapi/concept) does not consider the user locale, and therefore not possible to search in other languages apart from default Locale.

You can check the code here

Ideally, the code should use “Context.getUserContext().getLocale()

It will be also good to check if a parameter is passed as locale for the GET call.

The fix should be simple, but we would need a quick release over 1.24.7. (e.g. 1.24.8) - would this be possible?

@mogoodrich @binduak @mksd @mksrom @dkayiwa


I would replace this with Context.getLocale()

Yes this is possible. Release cycles for modules are very flexible.


@dkayiwa - can you make this release possible this week? Because 0.93 Bahmni release is slated to be released in this week. So this fix can go along with that.

@buvaneswariarun feel free to go ahead and do it: Releasing a Module from Bamboo - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki

@dkayiwa I have raised a draft PR here. If you are ok, then I will add the JIRA card - and raise the PR against branch 1.24.x. I can raise a separate one against master.

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I have raised the issue here

Thanks @dkayiwa. have raised the PR now (it was a draft PR review). also created the JIRA card

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Thanks @angshuonline. I reviewed and merged. Ready to close the ticket once you forward port to the master branch.

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Thanks @dkayiwa. Here is the PR against master. I couldn’t cherry-pick, thankfully the commit was small.

Merged and closed the ticket. Thanks @angshuonline

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@binduak I dont have access to bamboo. can you release emr-api 1.24.8?

Seems none of us (bindu, buvana or me) have privilege to release. @dkayiwa @mogoodrich @mksd if any of you can make a release for emr-api 1.24.8 please.

Getting access to bamboo is as simple as asking help desk for it. That way, for this release, and any others to come, you are able to release by yourselves.

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I have made the release. I am checking at mavenrepo.openmrs.org (jfrog) and unable to find the module 1.24.8 release. Where can I verify?

Are you looking for this? JFrog

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