EMR API Release 1.24.5

@angshuonline @mksd

It looks like the 1.24.5 release of EMR-API was build from a branch build off the 1.24.4 release, but the changes between 1.24.4 and 1.24.5 were never merged back into the master branch. Was the intent to merge some or all of these changes back in to master?

Take care, Mark

fyi @dkayiwa

Hi @mogoodrich,

There has not been any merge back per se, but the commits should be on the master branch AFAIK. Things have been cherry picked.

Essentially we are talking about the resolution of EA-136 that depended on the resolution of EA-130, so two commits. Weirdly on master the commits have been cherry picked in disorder but everything should be there:

  1. EA-130

  2. EA-136

Am I missing something?

Ah, I see @mksd… I remembered there had been some sort of plan around this, but I just quickly scanned and saw an unmerged branch and wanted to flag it to make sure this was okay. But, yeah, following up I see now that the changes in 1.4.5 appear to be cherrypicked from the master branch and so no merge would be necessary.


So basically this was just like a Core branch, it was not meant to ever be merged back into master. It just exists to support 1.24.x releases (and there should be no more).

Sounds good, thanks @mksd!