EMR-API and CoreApps builds broken

The EMR-API and coreapps builds are broken, because they are looking for version 0.9.5-SNAPSHOT of the reporting module, which no longer exists.

As far as I can tell, the EMR-API inherits it’s pom from the distro-referenceapp module, but the reporting module version in that module has been updated 0.9.6. Has the distro-referenceapp not been installed properly in the m2 repo on CI?

The issue is that it specifies LATEST, which means the latest released version, which is http://mavenrepo.openmrs.org/nexus/service/local/repositories/modules/content/org/openmrs/distro/referenceapplication/2.3.3627/referenceapplication-2.3.3627.pom

We used to deploy distro for each build, thus there’s 2.3.3627 release. We switched to using SNAPSHOTs, which is the proper way so I have just changed emrapi and coreapps to use 2.3-SNAPSHOT.

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Cool, thanks Rafal!