EMR API 1.25.0 release ahead of Bahmni 0.91

Hi all,

We would like to give the heads up about a possible release of EMR API 1.25.0 ahead of Bahmni release 0.91. We are not 100% sure yet whether we can actually go through this EMR API upgrade altogether, but if yes then the release would be looming.

Everybody ok with that?

Cc @mogoodrich @mseaton @dkayiwa @ssmusoke @angshuonline @darius @binduak


Thanks @mksd for the heads up. :slight_smile:

Because we have been doing some heavy work of moving encounter diagnosis from this module to core, i would recommend a bit of extra testing, especially around this functionality, to ensure that we have not broken existing functionality. https://issues.openmrs.org/browse/TRUNK-5015

Ah great, thanks @dkayiwa.

@angshuonline is encounter diagnosis used within Bahmni? If yes then we will drop this all for now and maintain a 1.24.x branch.

@dkayiwa to clarify, EMR API 1.25.x and beyond shall be used with Core 2.2.x and beyond if encounter diagnoses are being used, correct?

@dkayiwa thanks for the info.
@mksd yes, we do use encounter diagnosis. I think I will go with the safer option. I wanted to make a PR for EA-130. There are 2 ways to go about

  1. I make a PR against the master, and then we cherry pick the commit
  2. Make a PR against a branch (TBD), and then merge that to master.

What would you suggest?

Better start with master and then backport.

Which version of OpenMRS core would this reflect in?

+1 to making the PR against master EMR-API and then backports to an 1.24.x branch.

Also, for reference we use Encounter Diagnoses within the PIH EMR and are currently running EMR-API 1.25-SNAPSHOT with OpenMRS Core 2.1 without issue (it’s designed to be backwards compatible with versions of core prior to 2.2)… so I think it would be safe to do a release and use 1.25 that, but no worries if you want to be conservative since I know that Bahmni likely used encounter diagnoses in a different way than we do.

What I wouldn’t do it upgrade to OpenMRS Core 2.2 (but that hasn’t been released yet, so something you probably weren’t considering anyway).

Take care, Mark

Thanks @mogoodrich, good to know that EMR API 1.25.x + Core 2.1.x should work. We won’t do that just yet anyway, but that’s going to be in the to do list for Bahmni 0.93 then.

Just confirming what @mogoodrich has said, yes it is backwards compatible. While doing these changes, we have tried our best to always test on both core 2.2 and lower versions. And as far as i have seen, we are not aware of anything that we have broken. But that should not prevent you from doing some testing, just in case. :slight_smile:

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