Emergency Department Triage Application

Hi @cioan

I read through the project Emergency Department Triage Application. First of all I think this will be a very useful application. I would love to work on this project for Google Summer of Code 2015 as I posses majority of the requirements mentioned on the project description page.

I read through the three forms. It would be convenient to have an English version of the example pdfs for me to build an algorithm to predict the color of the case. Anyways that could be used in the future. I went through the SATS site. It is very useful and I think we can use that for the development of the application in to a bigger extent.

In my opinion basic structure of the application would be to let the user first pick the form type(Infant Triage, Adult Triage or Child Triage). Then we can let the user fill out the form according to the patients attributes and we can process the data in order to come to a result(color).

We have to make the GUI more user friendly as possible since the time taken to fill out the form could decide on person’s life. Since I have done a 6 month internship related to projects on HCI, I have a good knowledge on how to make UI in order to serve the purpose.

So Emergency cases(Red) should be processed very quickly compared to other three.We can build UI in order to server that purpose.Further more we can use AngularJS to read the inputs given and come to a decision early if the case is Emergency so the doctors can examine the patient early(I am quite not sure whether this could be practically done in the Hospitals/medical centers).

Finally we can prompt for a free-form text box to capture the “Chief Complaint”.

From the design point of view, we can go with MVC structure.Which would give more modularity as well as the code will be more loosely coupled. If the triage scale changes from country to country or from hospital to hospital, we will be able to easily adjust it when we have a modular structure.

I have already fixed 8 bugs in the JIRA so I have a considerable knowledge on the OpenMRS code base. I would love to get your feedback on this and discuss further about the project with you in order to submit a good proposal.

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