Emergency and Power of Attorney Contact Constructs in CIEL

Hi @akanter,

We need to collect emergency contact information (maximum 2 people) and power of attorney contact information for patients in OpenMRS. Each contact has a person name, address and phone number. We have created a contact construct for Emergency Contact and Power of Attorney in our local instance.

I have two questions:

  1. Should these be added to the CIEL dictionary or should I retain these as implementation specific concepts?
  2. I don’t want to add duplicate entries for each emergency contact (i.e. Emergency Contact Construct 1, Emergency Contact Construct 2, etc). Would it be appropriate to add a sequence number to the construct?

Thank you, Craig

FYI @ball

For our implementations, one “contact” is collected during registration and uses the address hierarchy to autocomplete the address fields. We have been adding relationships to the RefApp, so perhaps this would be a better way to go. Each would be a person and with the appropriate relationship to the patient. We are using this for CHWs.

One of my teammates added this convset together, which is used for “contact”. I wouldn’t have done it this way :wink: Current convset (and not in CIEL):


Agree that person information should generally be captured as persons and linked via demographics rather than through concepts. We can create concepts for some meta data which can be used in the address hierarchy or person attributes (which we already have done for things like the type of phone). What concepts are you proposing?