Emails from google play

Hi everyone,

Here’s some emails that landed in our mailbox:

4th Oct:

We’re writing to let you know that you have not yet completed the Target audience and content section of the Play Console for at least one of your apps. All developers were asked to fill out this section for all apps by September 1, 2019.

Your app may be subject to removal from Google Play if you do not provide this information in Play Console.

Developers are required to provide accurate information about each app’s target audience and content, and Google will review your app based on the information you provide. As a reminder, if one of the target age groups for your app includes children, your app must also comply with Families Policy Requirements Learn more about the Target audience and app content section in the Play Console Help Center

Action required: Complete the Target audience and content section of the Play Console

  1. Sign in to your Play Console

  2. Click All Applications.

  3. Select your app.

  4. On the left menu, select Store presence > App Content.

• Be sure to confirm if your app contains ads and verify the URL of your app’s valid privacy policy

  1. Under Target audience and content > Start, please fill out each section accurately, and make sure to select the appropriate target age groups for your app.

  2. Click Confirm.

Apps that include children in the target audience or who submit responses in the Google Play Console that we disagree with will be subject to expanded reviews, which may result in review times of up to 7 days (or longer in exceptional cases). We recommend you adjust your planning to account for this.

Thanks for helping us build a safer Google Play.

Oct 11th

This is a reminder that starting November 1, 2019, updates to apps and games on Google Play will be required to target Android 9 (API level 28) or higher. After this date, the Play Console will prevent you from submitting new APKs with a targetSdkVersion less than 28.

Configuring your app to target a recent API level ensures that users benefit from significant security and performance improvements, while still allowing your app to run on older Android versions (down to the minSdkVersion).

Action required

Please ensure that your apps are configured to target at least Android 9 (API level 28) by November 1, 2019. For technical advice on how to change your app’s target API level to meet these requirements, refer to the migration guide.

Affected apps

The apps included below have one or more APKs—in production or testing tracks—that aren’t currently targeting API level 28 or higher. Apps are listed with the maximum version code and corresponding targetSdkVersion. If you have more than 20 apps that could be affected in your account, please check the Play Console for a full list. 804 23

Note that I have no idea of what they are saying, but they seem important.

@f4ww4z @deepak140596 @shivtej any response to this?

Hi @cintiadr , the 2nd email says that we’re not targeting the latest Android version in our app, but we’ve seen to that, so I think we can ignore it.

For the 1st email, I don’t have access to the Google Play developer console, so someone with access needs to fill it (just need to fill out 2 forms). pinging @raff

I’ve filled out the target audience and content section.

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