Emails aren't being sent

Hi everyone,

I swear it’s not unrelated to

We are currently without a working SMTP server, since the 13th July. Which means that all systems that usually send emails (like talk) aren’t sending them!

I reached out to @burke , seems like we changed something on the billing.


In case others are worried… I just tested my email and I seem to be able to send emails successfully (via our Gmail service). Phew.

Thanks to @burke , everything seems to be going fine now :smiley:

@cintiadr Kindly is this related to new users failing to get a confirmation email after creating an openmrs account? Well, this is the recurring problem faced by new users since last week.

@cintiadr apparently am solving the issue manually through I have trust in you the problem will be fixed.

Yes, new sign ups were broken because it couldn’t send emails.

Neither could talk, bamboo, jira or anything else except for gmail accounts. Everything else would fail.

It fine! kindly don’t be stressed up you already have a lot on your plate. I will happily do it manually till the issue is fixed. Good day!