Eliminate Duplicate Visit Date on Encounter when doing form entry.

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Is it possible to avoid duplicate visit for an encounter when using form s built with HTML Form Entry Module.

For example if for instance I have a Form A and perform a form entry for Patient P on 2020-06-05 then I should not be able to fill the same form for the same patient.

@morrisng so you mean that you want a specific encounter to be recorded only once per visit?

@mksd Yes Please

Something that comes to mind is the use of a ‘require expression’ (example here) for the forms that are linked to that encounter type. This would ensure that the links to the ENTER mode of those forms would not show up when they are not supposed to anymore.

For reference, it all happens in AppFrameworkServiceImpl#checkRequireExpression(..). Whether what you want to do is possible or not depends on what’s available in the instance of AppContextModel.

In short it’s not that straightforward, especially if you don’t have access to developers.

Another option, probably much easier, is to prevent the form submission with some JavaScript.

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