Electronic prescribing - OPENeP

Hi all,

I have been testing Bahmni 0.92… and seen the medicines prescription and have tested it. But found another openerp module used by OpenEHR…OPENeP… slightly better wonder this can be integrated with Bahmni 0.93.

and implementation by Better care foundation as below with demo


I am not a technical person.or a developer…I am a doctor trying to understand opensource and test before deployment

Please comment


Bahmni prescription module is an EMR component, while the above is ERP. We do not have plans of integrating to that module, and quite sure of retaining “medication statements or requests” on the clinical/EMR side.

Also not everyone uses an ERP (for us to consider prescription over ERP) - but everyone uses the EMR/Clinical modules. I am guessing that above module is for those, who do not want a full fledged EMR and their motivation is more for integrated inventoty/pharmacy.