Election Results! Community Representative to the OpenMRS Board

The votes are in…:drum: :drum:

Antony Ojwang is the new Community Representative to the OpenMRS Board!

Antony garnered 66% of the total votes; the second candidate 29% of the total votes. Total votes = 904.

Bravo to the Community for choosing to be part of this important exercise. You made it a success!

A big thank you to all the nominated candidates for throwing your hats in the ring!

Congratulations Antony :tada: Wishing you great success as you endeavour to make a lasting impact in this role.


Thanks @erica for spearheading the election process. I admire your transparency and integrity during the whole voting process. :clap: :clap:


:heart_eyes:Thank you so much @jwnasambu. You have made my world a better place today :hugs:


Thank you to everyone in our community for electing me to serve you as your representative to the BOD. This is massive! I am humbled by your support, and I promise to do my best to grow our community. I look forward to working with everyone to accomplish all the great things that we have planned to achieve in the short and long term.

Kind regards,



Congratulations Antony, and very hard earned with your long experience as an OpenMRS community member and implementer! We’re so fortunate to have your representation on the board. :clap:

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Congratulations, Anthony, on your success in the just concluded election as a representative on the board.

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Congratulations, Antony!! :tada: