eHealth Manager @ PIH Sierra Leone

The eHealth Manager will be part of the Monitoring, Evaluation, Quality Improvement and Research (MEQR) team based in Koidu City, Kono District, Sierra Leone and will work closely with the Boston-based Medical Informatics team. Current initiatives include: enhancing the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system at PIH’s Wellbody Clinic; supporting the use of a CommCare-based mobile tool for community health workers; and deployment of a CommCare data collection for hospital triage. Ensuring robust systems are in place to maintain data quality and smooth functioning of the electronic systems is a key part of this role.

In addition to continuing to lead current initiatives, the eHealth Lead will support the full roll out and scale-up of the OpenMRS-based EMR system across PIH’s Wellbody Clinic and extend the EMR system to other PIH-supported facilities, introducing one of the first EMR systems in Sierra Leone. Our vision is to build health information systems that are aligned with the Government of Sierra Leone eHealth strategy and that are able to offer interoperability with existing systems, such as DHIS2.

The OpenMRS EMR is a platform that PIH have supported and contributed to for many years. The system is browser based and runs from a local server. Updates to the code (e.g. new fields/screens) are carried out through locally editing xml files, pushing to GitHub and then publishing to the relevant core code on GitHub after approval by one of the Boston Medical Informatics team. The eHealth Lead will be critical in leading this process as well as collaborating with teams on the front-end to design an EMR system that meets the end user needs. Our objective is to demonstrate how OpenMRS can assist in the delivery of quality healthcare and realise the benefits that arise from implementing the system.

A significant function of the job is to build the technical capacity of the local staff in IT and health information management amongst PIH and Ministry colleagues and staff. This person will manage a team of eHealth officers and will spend a significant portion of their time on investing in capacity-development and skills transfer to these team members.

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