Editing OpenELIS Panels

Hello. Could i get help on editing the list of panels shows on the consultation side. i want to remove some of them i wont be needing such as CBC general, and make mine show as FBC instead.

any pointers please?

In dashboard? or in Consultation “Obs form” list?

  1. Dashboard - you need to go to the app config, and remove unwanted sections/widgets from the dashboard configuration.
  2. For forms - go to openmrs admin console, search for concept “all observation templates”, remove the unwanted form from the set list

Hey @angshuonline , here is what am trying to do, I want add a new Sample type called HVS, it had a Panel called Culture & Sensitivity(HVS)

So I have

  1. Created tests with class lab tests, created panel with class Labset and added the member tests to it
  2. Created Sample type called HVS & added all the member lab tests and panels to it
  3. Created Department called HVS Department (class: department and added all the test to it)
  4. Added the HVS Department to Lab Departments
  5. Added all panels and test to All_tests_and_panels

When I go to openelis sample then Add sample, I get HVS sample without neither the tests nor thr panel I have also tried to restart bahmni-lab, been followig this documentation https://bahmni.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/BAH/pages/18415840/Configure+Lab+Data

What is it that am doing wrong, I have also attached the screenshots,

Need to check @stephencoduor. Should work. The core team is busy with the Release Candidate for 0.92. Please give us a few days

Thanks for your response, I realized when I remove the Panel from the HVS sample, then I get the tests as shown in the diagram,

So I think I might be missing something while creating the panel

in the documentation they mentioned here

they discussed on

Sort Weight conundrum

Sort weight is required on multiple levels. It is required across all tests and panels, tests inside a panel and samples also need sort weight.

To facilitate this,

Add and arrange/order all the tests and panels to the concept set “All_Test_And_Panels” to get a sort weight across all of them. Add and arrange/order all the tests in the panel concept set to get a relative sort weight of tests inside a panel. Add and arrange/order all the samples in the concept set “Lab Samples” to get a sort weight of samples.

Still trying to understand

Found out the problem was that I was using the character & in naming tests and panels so avoid &, I removed them and now everything is working