Editing Concepts after using them

Hello all, Can I edit a concept name after I used the concept? I am not changing anything but the name.


Yes. You can edit a concept name after it is used. You cannot change the data type or remove answers for a coded concept after they have been used.

It would okay to edit a name to fix a typo or better clarify the meaning. It would be bad practice to change a concept’s name in a way that changes its meaning after it has been used. In those cases, it is better to retire the concept and create a new one.

Just to confirm what Burke has said… CIEL does not change the names after they have been released. Each concept_name has a unique ID and changing the name would be bad practice. We do change capitalization (eventually getting to sentence casing) and occasionally remove double spaces, etc. Most people are not terminologists and knowing what is acceptable to change and what changes the meaning of the term is not always clear. When in doubt, create a new concept or ask for help.