Editing commentToFulfiller in orders

In Bahmni, we need to provide a functionality to add notes to orders and edit it in the same encounter. But we found a ImmutableOrderInterceptor which has a list of mutable properties ( “dateStopped”, “voided”, “dateVoided”, “voidedBy”, “voidReason”). Since “commentToFulfiller” is not present in the list, we are not able to edit it.

Would it be okay to add commentToFulfiller in the list of mutable properties? If not, what is the design choice behind having it as immutable property?

The order entry API does not currently support draft orders, meaning that any orders saved are considered “activated”. An activated order has been released into the world, meaning it may have been sent to other systems, printed, or already acted upon (e.g., the pharmacist may have already filled the medicine order or the nurse may already be taking the patient down to get the x-ray). Editing the order at this point is like trying to retrieve an email that has already been sent.

Other than adding draft and/or pending status to orders (so the API could know about & persist orders before they are activated), your options would be to avoid saving the order through the API until the user is ready for it to be activated or to create a new revise order of the original (i.e., create a new order linked to the original as a revision, expiring the original order).

Thanks Burke, we are going with the approach of revising the order.