Edit the Visit Note in the Reference Application

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I’m having a similar problem, wanting to edit the Visit Note in the Reference Application. I created a new form for my revised visit note as you suggested in the referenced topic @darius, but I still have the problem of hiding/removing the built in Visit Note.

My project, like many projects, has its own paper form for visit notes that we need to digitize, so using a pre-built visit note does not make sense for us.

Additionally, how do I hide the “Admit to inpatient” link in the clinician facing patient dashboard app in the Reference application.

Best, Neha

I think that both of these problems (hiding the built-in Visit Note, and hiding Admit to Inpatient) are due to the fact that you can’t configure standalone extensions (that aren’t directly attached to an app) via the UI.

So, you should push to get this ticket done:

Thanks @darius.

Do you have any suggestions for what I can do in the interim? Can I configure standalone extensions by editing a specific module in the SDK?

The way I would approach this is to create your own “distribution module”. This is just a plain module, but instead of using it to add features, you use it to do configuration for your desired setup, and perhaps to create any metadata required in your setup.

You can see an example of this in the referenceapplication module. See here:

Specifically you’d want to do appFrameworkService.disableExtension(...).

Or if you want to see an example of configuration on top of the reference application, se the ebolaexample module. This module does more than just configuration, but its activator also does what you want: