Edit submitted form in OpenMRS 2.0 platform

How can i edit a submitted form for a visit that is still open? Am using OpenMRS 1.11.x 2.0 platform.

Dear @jmpango, I’m sorry, but it’s not currently possible to edit a custom form (encounter) after it’s submitted in the 2.x UI. The exception to that rule is if it’s an encounter type of Admission/Discharge/Visit Note.

As a workaround, you can delete the encounter and create a new one, or use the legacy UI at http://localhost:8080/openmrs/admin/encounters/index.htm.

Please visit this ticket and vote, and ask that it gets fixed.

Thanks @arbaughj,

I come across this option


Under Patient Visits , have not tried it out but i guess it can help

Notice on the documentation page where it says “There is currently not a way to edit your own forms.”

I’m excited to see some movement on the ticket to make custom forms editable.

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@arbaughj, Thanks am also eagerly waiting because i have started rolling out the Reference application to facilities and one of the requirement requested for is that option of editing a submitted form.

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