Edit print output for Dashboard

Hi all,

I’m trying to edit the printing output of the Dashboard tab. So I have a HystoryAndExamination tab that I renamed “Anamneza” (see picture below!) that is a form properly defined and included in the All Observation Templates. This form has fields like Smoking, Alcohol, Drugs etc that are assigned a YES/NO answer (pic below).

But the printing output looks like this:

…with no text describing the question.

Also I would like to display the NAME of the patient and his primary Identification No. And where do I translate Date Of Birth??? Couldn’t find the concept…

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Hi @margineanm

Unfortunately, i see that internationalization of this particular thing is missed which can be found here in code. Thank you for pointing out that out. In case if you are interested please go ahead and raise pull request with fix.

This is not expected. But we can’t reproduce any such issue in our test environments. Can you please share the below details.

  1. Which version of Bahmni is installed
  2. Which config is being used?
  3. Steps to reproduce this issue.

thanks @swathivarkala for answering!

Version is the latest (0.89) Config files from the CLINICAL folder app.txt (3.4 KB) extension.txt (5.4 KB) dashboard.txt (8.3 KB)

Steps: Register a patient as usual. Open patient Dashboard in Clinical app. Enter Consultation. Add data for History and Examination form (in my case this is called “Interviu initial”). Go back on patient Dashboard. The data that you just introduced is there as it should be. Press PRINT button from Dashboard. Results are as shown in screenshot before. If you close the Visit and later enter the closed visit to see it’s details you’ll find the History and Examination data there as expected. But if you use the print button from the Visit panel the resulting printout is the same as shown before.

Printout example: OPD.pdf (1.3 MB)

Thanks for looking into this. If this is something that you didn’t see before I suspect is because my heavy customisation. I’m trying to adapt Bahmni to my small private practice

any idea on this one?

sorry for the bump. just trying to keep this alive

Hi everyone,

So I installed a fresh vagrant image. But, without any configuration, here is what the print output looks like:

dash_print.pdf (39.4 KB)

or the Patient Summary:

summary_print.pdf (35.1 KB)

I’m trying to use the PRINT function to create a visit summary hand-out to give to the patient so that he/she can have a way of tracking their medical history. Is there another way of doing this?

PS. The problem is that, even if it shows the value for arterial pressure (or any other parameter), it doesn’t show the actual text stating “SYSTOLIC” or “DIASTOLIC”

Hi Mihai! Your problem is similar to the one described here. The prints are broken because of the latest chrome upgrade. We have fixed it and released a patch for version .89. Hope this helps.

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Thanks sruti, Do you know where can I find this patch?

Hi Mihai, You can find it here.

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thank you!

I installed the patch without errors (using a yum install command inside the bahmni box) but apparently it did nothing. Print output looks the same :confused:

Could anyone confirm that this patch works?

PS. My Chrome version is 59.0.3071.115 (Official Build) (64-bit)

PSS. Also I tried using Firefox but when pressing the PRINT button on dashboard nothing happens…