Edit patient from coreapps dashboard

Hi everyone. I have added some sections to the patient registration app. I’m able to see the “Show contact info” on the coreapps dashboard. The only problem is that the custom sections are missing from the “Show contact info” part. Without these sections, I’m not able to modify these parts of the patient information. Is there anything I can do to see the custom sections after adding them to the registration application? Is there any other way to edit the patient’s custom section information?

Do they show up when you click the Edit Regitration Information link under General Actions?

Yes, they do. But I can only see and edit the Address and phone number. The Address in edition mode is different from the one we added to the registration app. The custom section like relationship, gender, and birthdate are missing, see the difference below: Creation in registration app

What I have in coreapps dashboard: And this is what i got when i click on the edit link : and even that is different from what we should have because we customized the address to be like below:

How did you add the custom sections?

By configuring registration app as described here And this is a simple example of configuration on my local instance

Is there a solution for me or is a modification of the coreapps module necessary to achieve my goal?

Do you notice any effects of your id containing the registerPatient string as described in the wiki link that you gave above?

Just wondering if you got this to work? I added a field to the contactInfo section and would like to edit it from the dropdown, but it takes me to a form with only the original contactInfo fields