edit death section / add new items

Hello Everyone I’m trying to edit the death section of the registration module.

I want to add some fields like the place and the hour of death. But i can’t find any documentation about editing this section. The only page i found was showing how to activate or deactivate this field. https://bahmni.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/BAH/pages/32014595/Configure+Patient+Registration

Your help will be appreciated.

@soopafly (this is a quick answer without doing proper research…)

I don’t think you can add more fields here. (dead, death_date, and cause_of_death are part of the person object under the hood in OpenMRS, and there isn’t an easy mechanism to add more fields here. That said, under the hood OpenMRS supports a whole date+time of death, so with some code you could get a feature added to have a configuration that uses a date+time instead of just a date field.)

One approach is to add a separate “Death Note” form which has the additional information.

@darius please can you give me more details regarding this option ? Like, how to proceed to add the death note in the registration page.


@soopafly -I think what he proposed is to Create a New Observation Form and use that instead of adding the fields on the registration page.

…you may already have that form and you’d only have to customize it. Try opening the consultation interface and under “Add New Obs Form”, see if you have a “Death Note” form in the list.

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Thanks @rubailly