ECCLIPSE FAILED TO RUN due to "out of memory error"

i ve been working on a ticket, and ecllipse abruptly failed to work because of a “out of memory error”. here is the link to the log text

hello @mozzy please use You paste the error log in pastebin and and then paste the link to talk.

thx iryn. here is the link

Hello @mozzy please try visiting this link

@mozzy when eclipse gets buggy , i usually .Babkup my workspace ,delete the installation folder and use a fresh installation. Have you tried “Eclipse Oxygen” it’s the fastest i’ve found and very stable (user opinion).

However if it’s with such Memory Errors,you may want to optimise Memory Settings. It could be the allocated memory has been outweighed by your project size. This could be helpful

THX mart, though am already using eclipse oxygen

let me try a new istallation think its beeter

Have you read through the link?

ya iam reading through it, and its helpful. thx @tendomart