Ebola responders: Participate in this important survey

Partners In Health (PIH) is leading a coalition to combat the ebola outbreak, working alongside two outstanding grassroots organizations—Last Mile Health in Liberia and Wellbody Alliance in Sierra Leone. These longtime PIH partners are already working to train health workers, identify sick patients, and deliver quality care. As the epidemic advances, these groups need support to provide comprehensive prevention, care, and treatment. We can and must stop the spread of diseases like Ebola — and TB, cholera, and malaria around the world. Everyone deserves high-quality care, and together we can make that happen.

If you are working on technologies for the Ebola response, please take the survey or share with your colleagues. Let’s contribute resources and use them in the best possible way. All information will be available.

Ebola technology survey: http://goo.gl/forms/4qfZ3Nhrmh