Easy way to import CCD/CDAs into OpenMRS?

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I’m an OpenMRS noob, but a kindred spirit as longtime Regenstrief faculty member. I’m working on a demo project for getting data from wearables into EHRs (e.g. OpenMRS). One path is via CDA summary documents like the CCD.

I’ve been poking around and see some prior work on this, including:

The Jembi CDA handler An archived project related to OpenEMRConnect

Is there a ready-to-use module that does CDA import already? If not, any advice for where to get started?


Dan Vreeman

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Hey @dvreeman!

I’ve seen efforts on CDA and CCD export tools. Import has been discussed or planned over the years, but I’m not aware of a current module or project actively importing. @maurya might know if CCD import has been done for Haagstrom’s personal health project. I think @janflowers has done some work or GSoC project(s) involving CDAs… not sure if any type of CCD importer came out of those efforts.

-@burke :burke:

@dvreeman, Is there a reason why you might not want to go the FHIR way to POST data from the wearables? Do you want to represent these differently from observations?

In OpenMRS I do want them represented as observations, so if the wearable could create a FHIR obs resource that’d be fine. But, I just discovered today that Apple’s Healthkit can export a CCD (though I see some problems with their coding) containing observation entries with LOINC codes for vitals. So, I thought I’d be able to get win for my demo via a CCD import.

I’m CCD/CDA ignorant, but of there any existing tool to convert one of those to a FHIR bundle?

(FHIR development is active in OpenMRS these days.)

-Darius (by phone)

Any recent updates on the question of importing CCDs into OpenMRS. We have a project that needs to get data in CCD format into OpenMRS. Thanks!