Eager to Contribute to OpenMRS – Seeking Guidance on Getting Started!


I’m Saumya Karnwal, a third-year student at NSIT, Delhi, majoring in computer science and artificial intelligence. Despite being relatively new to the open-source community, I’m enthusiastic about engaging with OpenMRS and making meaningful contributions.

I’ve explored the following resources:

However, I’ve encountered challenges in navigating and comprehending the contributing process. A little assistance in identifying open tasks suitable for contribution and good first issues will help me delve deeper into understanding the contributing process.

It would be great if I could understand how to pitch/get myself assigned to an issue, solve it, and make meaningful contributions. I would also like to know if there is any specific repository that requires attention and is open to contribution.

Another query that I have is, is it possible to work under a mentor? I am determined to show the utmost level of sincerity and devote 4-5 hours daily.

Looking forward to your guidance and excited about the prospect of contributing to OpenMRS!

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