E2E tests on Firefox is failing


The patient registration and patient edit end-to-end (e2e) tests are currently failing on Firefox due to some components in the registration form not loading properly. This issue is caused by the fact that Firefox doesn’t allow service workers to run locally, and since the tests are being run with Docker, the same issue is experienced. However, we have confirmed that all components are being loaded properly on the dev3 server.



Until we work on finding a solution to enable service workers locally, we can skip the tests on Firefox. I will create a ticket for this.

cc: @jayasanka @piumal1999 @dennis

I created a ticket for this,


@jayasanka Shall we disable the tests for firefox for now?

Yes. Let’s disable them as we discussed on today’s standup.

@randila Would you like to lead this?

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Are we going to disable tests for firefox or going to disable the whole cross platform tests? @jayasanka

I created an issue to disable tests on firefox and safari.