E2E Clinical Visit Test: Patient Dashboard adding/deleting Allergies and conditions

this particular method is passing on my end. you could share some logs or something. or better yet, have you tried disabling the other stories in the feature file (by commenting them out) so that you remain with something like this

User story: End patient visit

When a user clicks on recent visit link
Then the system loads recent visit page
When a user clicks on end visit button
Then the system ends the patient visit

and see if that particular user story passes or share the logs of the outcome.

Otherwise what @kdaud stated above could be the cause. manage your memory or spin from a local instance (believe me it makes life easier than using the online instance)

no need for this tho. The test passes and this particular method aswell. share the logs we may help you jump out of this predicament

@mherman22 did you try to run this in the browser and see what happens I mean when headless=false

@mherman22 I have problems with the local instance(sdk), So I opted for the standalone but whenever I set the url to something like webapp.url=http://localhost:8081/openmrs-standalone/login.htm it doesn’t pick up. Is there anything more than changing the url that I have to do? for my tests to spin from the standalone instance.

@kdaud @mherman22 I would like us to refer from github logs because that’s what I personally get from my side. Here are the logs though particulary the fail is here.

@ndacyayisenga is your PC memory well managed? BTW have you had a look at?Troubleshooting Memory Errors - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki

Try that thread

yes i did

@kdaud if this fails locally Should it also fail on github actions?

@ndacyayisenga managing the memory performance is done on your PC , so it has nothing to do with github actions. When the memory is not well managed, a test can fail a local build plan. Have you gone through the shared documentation to have your PC memory well managed?

Thanks @ndacyayisenga , this method uses an element that changes each single time,it has an element that need to run morethan twice in order to pick the exact element the system triggers, when this happens try to re run the action badge once again.