E2E Automated Tests for the OpenMRS 3.0 RefApp

Hi all,

This thread is to track the progress of the GSoC 2021 project: E2E Automated Tests for the OpenMRS 3.0 RefApp. This project aims to set up tests using Cypress and our new Cucumber test engine framework. The tests will automatically run against the UI, based on user workflows.

Check the wiki page: E2E Automated Tests for the OpenMRS 3.0 RefApp

Notes from MFE E2E Testing Strategy call held on 2021-04-15: MFE E2E Testing Strategy - Call Notes 2021-04-15 - Google Docs

Notes from the first mentor call (2021-06-08)

Attendees: @k.joseph @bistenes @jayasanka

  • The primary goal of the project is to setup E2E tests for the 3.0 RefApp
  • Join QA squad to share updates and Microfrontend squads to get technical help
  • Where to start?
    • Collect the user stories from Grace
    • Try to set up a test one story
  • A CI/CD pipeline has been already configured to run tests.
    • It resets every time we run tests.
    • There won’t be any issues when testing that generate new data.
      • ex: patient creation
  • Notes from the previous call: MFE E2E Testing Strategy - Call Notes 2021-04-15 - Google Docs
  • How often we meet?
    • Every Tuesday at 22:30 IST until Jayasanka get familiar with the project
  • The progress will be tracked with weekly blog posts.
  • Use micro frontend slack channel to resolve technical issues.
  • Next steps:
    • Initiate a talk thread
    • Coordinate with Grace to get the user stories
    • Try to implement one test
  • Next call:
    • 15th June 2021 22:30IST

Welcome @jayasanka

The more public updates, the better. Looking at this resource would be a start.


Thanks, @kdaud ! :hugs:


Blogs that are written so far:

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Its amazing to see your continued progress with E2E Automated Tests for OpenMRS 3.x RefApp. Its awesome to see already working test workflows for 3.x RefApp running in our qaframework module. Great work deserves appreciation! :seedling:

@jayasanka as you are working on clinical visit workflow, I have felt compelled to share with you a sister workflow for RefApp 2.x that may be of value as you’re coming up with almost the same workflow for 3.x RefApp. Here we go →

cc: @bistenes

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Well done @jayasanka , this is awesome and thanks for the progress . :muscle:

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Thanks, @kdaud and @sharif! Here’s the PR for the clinical visit:

@jayasanka check my comment(s) on the PR! cc: @bistenes

Sure! thanks, @kdaud !

@jayasanka have you had a look at @bistenes 's review here ?

Hi, @kdaud thanks for the reminder…

It’s ready to be merged. Other scenarios cannot be completed because there are several bugs.

I reported them here:







cc @lumuchris256