dynamic render tag in htmlform

Hi everyone,

i’m trying to create an htmlform with the possibility to add multiple drugs order for a patient like shown in the image below.

i have created an obsgroup where the child obs are displayed in a table. i noticed that i have to use the repeat tag in order to save all the entry at he same time.

the question is how to make the render tag dynamic by clicking on the + button. right now i have to define it manually.


Are you using the repeat tag as documented here? https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/HTML+Form+Entry+Module+Reference

Hello Daniel,

Yes i’m using the repeat tag. But the problem is i dont know how to make the repeat dynamic by clicking on the add button. Right now i have to use the render tag to repeat. In this example i have used n=2 to repeat two times.


@marafa Maybe something like this example is what you’re looking for? It’s not fully dynamic (there’s a fixed number adds), but it’s probably sufficient.

Thanks @ibacher, i will have a look at it