Duplicate Accounts

Initially, I created an account with id @rishabh997 but because of some error from the server-side I was not able to login using this id and i created another id using @rishabhagarwal997. Now the problem is that I worked on issues and was very active from @rishabh997 id, but in the openMRS talks, I forgot to logout from another redundant id and continued using @rishabhagarwal997 so all the badges are in my wrong id. Is there any way to merge both ids as I will be using @rishabh997 as my primary id… But this will result in the loss of all the badges…

Also, I will be applying for GSoC so I need to pass a quiz of dev1, so from which id should I give it… I was very new to jira system and i literally messed things up but is there any way out ???

@dkayiwa @suthagar23 sir can you help me out with this

cc @permissionerror @cintiadr

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You should also reach out here https://help.openmrs.org/

Yes reach out to this, and continue with only one ID which is more suitable for you. We may not accept both during your proposal evaluations.

Nope, there isn’t. But there’s no harm on keeping an old account at all.

I believe we can manually copy the talk badges for you, raise the helpdesk ticket and we can try to do it. Please be very specific with badges are important to you, and we can try to do it.