Drug Orders Module in need

:scream: Hello everyone; I’m trying to implement the drug orders module in my OpenMRS 1.11.5; i have successfully installed all the required modules to make this module work, but in vain, the module still lightening in green and no errors are displayed. so i can’t work and no errors are shown as in the screen shot below. I don’t understand why?!! :hatched_chick: :frog: :sob:

Is this a duplicate of Drug orders module

yes it is :slight_smile:

Why duplicated?

:expressionless: it’s a mistake u_u" because in the first publication, i forgot to post the screen shot with the text (i’ll remove the other one thanks for th note). well this is not the problem, i need an answer about the problem i posted here Kindly, Thank you !

Help please

Hi Charchabil,

Please find the link to the module here

Regards, Harini

thank you @hariniparth same problem as the first one

This module is compatible with OpenMRS 1.11.4 or version 2.3 on which it was developed. It seems like you are trying to install it on a different version.

hi @hariniparth Same issue as for version 1.11.4


Before installing the OpenMRS Drug Order and Pharmacy modules, could you please ensure that the following modules are installed.

Module 		       Version
UI Framework		3.4
App Framework	    2.4
UI Commons		    1.7
Allergy API		    1.3
EMR API		        1.11.1
APP UI		        1.4

Hello Hariniparth I am facing issue to install Allergy API, since I need to run Pharmacy App, Where can I find this module

Same issue for me too. Any help is appreciated. @charchabil were you able to resolve the issue?

interested in this to.

@hariniparth @dailyshelter I found the Alergy API module here (https://github.com/openmrs/openmrs-module-allergyapi). But I couldn’t make the .omod file. If everyone can share or make omod file. Please share with me as well.

Thank you!

Hello Everyone! My apologies for not responding to your queries. I hope you were able to get the data you required… I am happy to share the omod files. Please let me know how and where…can’t attach it here…

Pls can you send by mail if possible or any file sharing platform? Need this urgently as dispensing module is not functional.

@hariniparth, could you please share the .omod files for the drug orders and pharmacy with me. jaghatise@gmail.com.


Hi everyone who is facing this error of alleryapi after trying to upload the omod file of drugOrder pharmacy module, its only because allergyApi is nolonger supported as whole module, its code was moved to openmrs core api ,Feel free to checkout this DrugOrderPharmacy which is an improved one

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Hi Sherif, I tried to use the installation file attached to build and compile this project but still keeping getting error. I realized may be I didn’t get the path set very well. Could please help me out