Drug Orders/Medications widget on the Patient Dashboard

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Hi all,

We are currently lacking a dashboard widget to report a patients medications/drug orders. Where as we can record drug orders using the <drugOrder/> HFE tag, there is apparently no way to report this on a dashboard. The solution that the Order Entry OWA provides, seems not fair enough for this. Perhaps I could be missing a point.

It’d be great having a dashboard widget residing in coreapps to report patient drug orders. I’m welcoming thoughts on this or suggestions on existing alternatives. Thanks.

cc: @dkayiwa, @mogoodrich, @ssmusoke, @mksd, @ddesimone, @cioan, @mozzy

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Is the unfairness caused by it being an OWA or something else?

Why not describe how such a widget would work and look like on this page https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/Patient+Summary+Widget+Documentation that way you will get more feedback

All widgets are welcome :wink:

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PIH does show dispensed meds on the clinician-facing dashboard: image

On the top left is a link to a full list:

Thanks @dkayiwa, @ssmusoke, @ball. The medications widget used by the Order Entry OWA points to the Order Entry UI with all order-ables including lab orders. We would like to achieve a read only widget similar to that which @ball has shared for the dashboard. Something similar to the below mockup. medications_widget

@ball, what I’d like to surely understand is how the above underlying Obs across encounters widget I would suppose, links drug order observations to actual drug orders in the end on the full list page/snapshot.

am fine with the idea of another widget on meds , but my problem is overloading core apps , Could it reside some where else ?? it seems to me its already too overloaded

Excellent question, but we are not currently using drug orders for medications. Hopefully we’ll get there someday soon. Our code looks like this:

            "fas fa-fw fa-pills",
                    "widget", "obsacrossencounters",
                    "icon", "fas fa-fw fa-pills",
                    "label", "mirebalais.dispensing.title",
                    "encounterType", EncounterTypes.MEDICATION_DISPENSED.uuid(),
                    "detailsUrl", "dispensing/dispensingSummary.page?patientId={{patient.uuid}}",
                    "concepts", MirebalaisConstants.MED_DISPENSED_NAME_UUID + "," + MirebalaisConstants.MED_DISPENSED_FREQ_UUID,
                    "maxRecords", "5"  // TODO what should this be?
            "coreapps", "dashboardwidgets/dashboardWidget"));

From this file

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Hi all,

We are looking into using the OE module for primarily displaying Dispensed Medication summary and secondarily managing drug orders(Dispensed Medications). I however could not locate a jira board project that tracks developments on it to improve it’s summary widget. Perhaps I’m missing a point. Because of this and the fact that it is light weight, I would suggest migrating it’s features to coreapps so we can have a central repository for dashboard widgets and in our case a general management on drug orders. If this is good idea, then I would migrate the features to coreapps or otherwise add the OE module to a jira board project. Any thoughts? Thanks.

cc: @dkayiwa, @mogoodrich, @mksd, @ssmusoke, @mozzy, @ball

What does OE mean?

I assume you mean the Order Entry UI module? The idea was that this would be deprecated in favor of the Order Entry OWA, but not sure how much progress we’ve all made with this… the Order Entry OWA is functional (though we haven’t rolled it out in production yet) but I don’t know if we’ve done a feature analysis of what it covers versus what Order Entry UI. Have you looked at it?

Take care, Mark

Thanks @mogoodrich. @dkayiwa, I’m referring to the Order Entry UI module. Sorry about the ambiguity. :slight_smile:

So basically the Order Entry OWA has an extended feature which is the Lab test Ordering, functionality that the Module doesn’t have, but has the older Drug ordering feature. The dashboard summary widget that would lead into the OWA interface resides in the module. That means we simply have a module (OE) that ships the dashboard widget into the Reference Application. We’d rather have the widget reside in coreapps and this wouldn’t take much than simply migrating it’s groovy scripts and fragment controllers to coreapps. This way we wouldn’t have to load a whole module to provide the widget.

@mogoodrich in short OE UI is quite thin. So thin that it’s tempting to migrate its apps into Core Apps…

As far as the Ref App evolution goes, that would give it some ordering functionality out of the box. What do you think?

Cc @mseaton

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I definitely agree with migrating the dashboard widget from order entry to coreapps, which I believe is what @ruhanga is suggesting… it’s silly to have to include both the Order Entry UI module and the Order Entry OWA… @mksd not sure about migrating the rest of the module’s apps, since that UI is (supposedly) superceded by the functionality provided by Order Entry OWA.

Take care, Mark

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@mogoodrich, we wouldn’t need to migrate the rest of the Order Entry module’s apps, that’s for sure since these are already provided by the OWA.

@mogoodrich so shall we migrate the dashboard widget into Core Apps and deprecate OE UI? Or at least discourage its use in favour of the OWA?

Agreed @mksd and @ruhanga!

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Thanks @mogoodrich, I’ve created RA-1729 for this.

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For the record here, the configurable Dispensed Medication widget is now available with coreapps v1.28.0 .