Drug order set api

Is it possible to create a drug order set, with drug id as a column in order set column using openmrs? And is there an api endpoint to access order group table?

Is this of help? https://github.com/openmrs/openmrs-module-webservices.rest/blob/master/omod-1.12/src/test/java/org/openmrs/module/webservices/rest/web/v1_0/controller/openmrs1_12/OrderSetController1_12Test.java

is there an API endpoint for order group? is it possible to link drug order formulation to the drug order set? @dkayiwa

This is the ticket for it: https://issues.openmrs.org/browse/RESTWS-680

What about an endpoint for posting a drug order with an order set, does it exist @dkayiwa

I would like to achieve such but using order sets. I can only save concepts as order set members, yet I have different drugs, drug frequency, dose, duration, and drug dosing units, refills as properties of each set member.

Can you share details of the REST call you made for order sets?


I mean the full details of the REST call as you would make it on the http://demo.openmrs.org server

the current api rest that you have sent the link above doesnt support my desired payload. so is it possible to save a drug order set using that rest endpoint?

What exact url and pay load did you try on the demo server?

am posting this payload to /openmrs/ws/rest/v1/orderset

{ “operator”: “ALL”, “name”: “pain killers”, “description”: “treat pain”, “orderSetMembers”: [{ “concept”: “1d4fb198-3020-4217-a1ab-c085ef36040e”, “orderType”: “131168f4-15f5-102d-96e4-000c29c2a5d7”, “orderTemplate”: “cc”, “drug”: “da698164-870d-11e0-85d3-000d6014b64c”, “dose”: “4”, “doseUnits”: “a8a07f8e-1350-11df-a1f1-0026b9348838”, “route”: “db0c5937-3874-4eae-9566-9a645ad7ac65”, “frequency”: “bc1369f2-6795-11e7-843e-a0d3c1fcd41c”, “asNeeded”: false, “numRefills”: 3, “action”: “NEW”, “quantity”: 2, “quantityUnits”: “a8a0630a-1350-11df-a1f1-0026b9348838” }, { “concept”: “1d4fb198-3020-4217-a1ab-c085ef36040e”, “orderType”: “131168f4-15f5-102d-96e4-000c29c2a5d7”, “orderTemplate”: “cc”, “drug”: “da698164-870d-11e0-85d3-000d6014b64c”, “dose”: “4”, “doseUnits”: “a8a07f8e-1350-11df-a1f1-0026b9348838”, “route”: “db0c5937-3874-4eae-9566-9a645ad7ac65”, “frequency”: “bc1369f2-6795-11e7-843e-a0d3c1fcd41c”, “asNeeded”: false, “numRefills”: 3, “action”: “NEW”, “quantity”: 2, “quantityUnits”: “a8a0630a-1350-11df-a1f1-0026b9348838” }


} @dkayiwa

Did you do a POST or GET?

i was trying to post

And what response did you get from the server?

i think you should assign someone else …no response 5 days later