Drug order frequencies full database

i am using OpenMRS Platform 2.0.5 and in my project i need the full database of drug order frequencies, i have only 5 frequencies by default on the openmrs concept dictionary and i want to know where i can find the full list of them… !

please give me an answer guys!

Does your project requirements specify an expected list of these drug order frequencies?

yeah it will bootstrap my project,

Can we have a look at that list?

Folks, I have been emailing with Mouad. He wants frequencies for his drugs, but appears to be looking at test data from the order table. He didn’t realize that there was no “dictionary” of frequencies tied to specific drugs. We have a dictionary of actual frequencies which are flagged with that concept class, which I pointed him to.

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thank you guys!

Order frequencies are defined in the order_frequency table.

To add an order frequency:

OrderFrequency orderFrequency = new OrderFrequency();
orderFrequency.setConcept(concept); //The class of this concept must be the one named Frequency

Via Rest

POST .../ws/rest/v1/orderfrequency

{concept: "concept-uuid", frequencyPerDay: double}

To fetch the order frequencies:


Via Rest

GET .../ws/rest/v1/orderfrequency

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thank you @wyclif =D