Drug administration feature on Bahmni


We intend to introduce the drug administration feature on Bahmni so that a user can capture and get the details of medicines administered to a patient. As part of this, we want to provide the user the capability to indicate whether a drug was administered to a patient. Also we would want to capture details like the drug, dosage, route, duration, time at which the drug was given etc. In addition to this, if a drug that was prescribed was not given, then the reason for that would also need to be captured.

Another use case that we have is to capture the immunisation given to a person over a period of time.

HL7 has modelled medication administration. The details of that can be found at http://www.hl7.org/FHIR/medicationadministration.html

We would like to know if there is a way to do this using OpenMRS.

Thanks, Saranya N ThoughtWorks India

OpenMRS contains prescriptions (MedicationPrescription) as a drug order. Dispensing (MedicationDispense) and administration (MedicationAdministration) would be up to a module. See this post.

There are several implementations that have made pharmacy and/or inventory modules. For example, we hope to hear about Bahmni’s use of OpenERP on next week’s Dev Forum. I’m not sure how many have created medication administration modules. You could google around github and/or ask Implementers.



Hi Burke, We couldn’t find any OpenMRS module that implements data-model and service api for medication administration. Looked at the post you linked, does the post imply that it is left to the implementers to decide how to capture administration data? We were thinking that it perhaps belongs in OpenMRS core and just hasn’t been implemented yet. If not, then I guess we would look at the HL7 documentation and implement one. Any other pointers which might help? Thanks

I would expect that we should implement med administration in a common module. I can see Burke’s point that there are external systems that can implement this in a hospital setting, but I think that the 80% solution for OpenMRS installations is to handle this internally.

And if you all are ready to implement this we can definitely spend a couple of design calls hashing out a commonly agreed to approach. As a starting point we should use the FHIR resource.

Yes we would like this to happen too. We have 2-3 months in which we have to create this solution for one of our clients. So sooner we start it would be better, we are more confident that it would not go the Condition List way (which got pushed out to next release).

Yes (what @darius said). We’d love to have a medication administration module that was widely useful (the same goes for a pharmacy module & a dispensing module) and would be happy to have design discussions to help ensure that any effort put into one of these areas is likely to become widely useful.

As you are doing already, I would look to FHIR to drive the model, since it benefits everyone for us to be FHIR-compatible. It would help if you created a “Medication Administration Module (Design Page)” page project page under our Active Projects page. See In-Page Localization (Design Page) and OCL Subscription Module (Design Page) as examples (you don’t need mentor/intern names at top, obviously, but it’s good to give brief description, interested parties, goals, etc. in a way others can understand). That will give a common place for people to follow and add design suggestions/comments.

@jthomas – let’s get “Medication Administration” on an upcoming design forum with @vsingh.

@vsingh here are some available upcoming design call times. Would either of these work for talking about “Medication Administration”?

  • Wednesday, April 29 @ 6-7pm UTC
  • Monday, May 4 @ 4-5pm UTC

Couldn’t we discuss this on Monday, April 27?

We were intending to talk about Clinical Decision Support on Monday, but we haven’t heard back from Shruthi to confirm. Vivek and Shruthi are on the same team, so they can decide together how to prioritize…

Yes. If Vivek and Shruthi are agreeable and can join the design calls then we could definitely talk about;

  • “Medication Administration” on Monday, April 27 @ 4-5pm UTC
  • “Clinical Decision Support” on Monday, May 4 @ 4-5pm UTC

Does this work for you both, @vsingh and @shruthidipali ?

Hi Jamie, Lets go with that plan of doing Medication Administration discussion first. Thanks for responding quickly.

Thank you Vivek!

To clarify for the larger group below is the schedule for upcoming design forums

  • “Medication Administration” on Monday, April 27 @ 4-5pm UTC

  • “Web Framework” on Wednesday, April 29 @ 6-7pm UTC

  • “Clinical Decision Support” on Monday, May 4 @ 4-5pm UTC

Hi Vivek and Shruthi,

It would be great to get a (short) preview of what the Clinical Decision Support topic will cover. Just a one-paragraph email to get people’s minds thinking about the specific scope you’re interested in.

Hi @vsingh and @shruthidipali

I may just be out of the loop here but have you had a chance to send over a (short) preview of what the Clinical Decision Support topic will cover on Monday? I would like to send out a notice to the community about this topic in case anyone would like to join and your thoughts around the topic would really help.

Thank you, -Jamie

Hi @jthomas ,

Sorry for responding late.

For tonight’s call we’d like to talk about the DSS use cases we have in Bahmni. We’d also like to touch upon Arden and exiting implementations using them. Overall, we want to talk about what we have in mind for implementing DSS in Bahmni.


Hi Vivek, I am working on developing a drug order module in OpenMRS 2.2 . I have gone through the discussions about this and taken a look at the Bahmni medication (drug order) page which is what I need to implement to begin with. Could you give me some details regarding the starting point and the data model? I am presently working on the tables related to drugs but I am a little confused about the implementation of other classes (Concept/Users). Btw, this is implemented as a separate module and plugged into the main system, right?

From Bahmni perspective, following links should be useful.

Plus surely there are link in OpenMRS wiki for drug orders.