Drafting our 2020 OpenMRS Annual Report

Our Annual Report is an opportunity for reflection and celebration. It’s a way for us to share and amplify our achievements as a community and recognize the invaluable contributions that have been made in the last year.


  • Content by January 23rd,
  • Rough draft by February 5th,
  • Publish by February 15th

Ways to Help with our Annual Report

  • Review the outline and give your feedback on our plan
  • Help with the report’s design and layout
  • Propose squads, teams, and/or partners to highlight - and/or interview them!
  • Help us update our implementation data by completing this form or reaching out to implementers
  • Share OpenMRS publications that came out this year

If any of these catch your eye, let me know!

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@jennifer, was the 2020 Annual Report released? Anytime I google openmrs 2020 annual report I end up at this post of the draft. :slight_smile:

:thinking: I believe this went out in a news update:

And then the plan was to publish the content on our new website as a more dynamic report, like the Gates Foundation does. And now hen I search for the original deck that created that PDF, it seems to have gone AWOL. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: